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Meet the defense industry in the United Arab Emirates

Regular Workshops & Customized Defense Events
DSMC International Events

How DSMC Membership will help you with Defense Sector Specific Events:


  • Defense Services Marketing Council (DSMC) Membership Provides Your Team with Regular Face to Face and Virtual Presentations and Discussion Forums important to growing your organization’s success.

  • DSMC acts as the organizer and facilitator of focus group events, working with our members to deliver valuable discussions, and ensuring the most pressing business needs are addressed.


  • Your DSMC Membership gives you the ability to tap into the thinking of DSMC members and to ‘brainstorm’ marketing, operational and logistical challenges is a very powerful asset. 


  • No other local or international organization can offer convenient and timely access to the lean-forward thinking of the best Defense, Space & Security professionals ‘on demand’. 


  • DSMC achieves this by routinely, strategically, and selectively offering its members’ access to the world’s leading experts. Our reputation and capacity to create such opportunities are unparalleled.

  • DSMC offers members’ the ability to pick up the phone and call other members.


  • DSMC routinely and regularly engages in corporate ‘match-making’, connecting members’ who express an interest in working together on joint promotions to achieve efficiencies and enable them to more quickly gain market share.

Membership Events
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