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Who are the biggest suppliers in the UAE Defense Sector?

According to a study conducted by Jane's, the suppliers in the UAE are ranked by their program values and therefore it is not surprising that the military aircraft manufacturers, like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon are leading the pack. Often these are also the companies with the highest

offset obligations.

But even smaller companies have chance for a big market entry in the UAE defense sector, if they offer value and innovation to the customer. They can also offer programs to bigger companies to comply with their offset needs.

DSMC is supporting market entry, offset consulting and technology transfer and has hosted specialized events and summits, like DITEC, in order to bring innovation and local authorities together.

DSMC is working on:


  • Emerging trends in innovation and technology in the defence sector

  • Collaboration between universities and with industry in the defence sector


  • International success stories relating to innovation and technology in the defence sector


  • New technologies and their possible application


  • Strategies and examples for the commercialization and application of military innovations and technology in the civilian sector


  • The role of intellectual property protection and best practice in the defence sector

  • Future manufacturing requirements for the United Arab Emirates

  • Creating exportable programs and manage offset obligations:


'Made in the UAE'

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