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DSMC Consulting

Offsets &

Economic Development Opportunities

DSMC International - Your Partner for Offsets & Economic Development Opportunities

DSMC Management Consulting Services are also offered on a case-by-case basis to our DSMC Member companies that have offset obligations. 


DSMC members often contract for specific solutions they would like DSMC to provide them as an outsourced offset management, sales and business development bolt-on to their own internal teams. 


DSMC Consulting Teams provide sales, business development and strategic offset, economic development and industrial participation direction to the business group managers within the client lines of business.


DSMC Consulting Team will Help You Manage the Offset Project Process:

•          Build Offset idea validation process

•          Create Offset Ideas and Offset Concept Paper

•          Lead Capture of Local Offset Partner Process

•          Create Offset Business Plan

•          Work with Legal Team to Support Offset Term Sheet 

•          Support Offset Project Execution and Defense Contractors Performance 

•          Lead Offset Project Approval and or Rejection Timeline 

•          Report Using the Approved Offset Projects Templates and Letters  

•          Make Offset Recommendations

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