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Emiratization & Knowledge Transfer 

What does SEEDS stand for?

Seeds stands for 'Sustain & Enhance Emiratization in Defense & Security'

What is the SEEDS program?

SEEDS is the latest initiative under the Tawazun Economic Program new guidelines.  It offers companies a new route for generating credits through offering value-driven development programs and job placement opportunities to UAE nationals.  SEEDS aims at elevating national capabilities through offering international exposure opportunities with leading international companies operating in the defense and security industry.  The SEEDS Program Guidelines gives interested companies an overview of SEEDS.

How do we get offset credits via the SEEDS program?

International companies can apply for the SEEDS program by submitting a letter of intent to Tawazun Economic Council. They can accept UAE national interns according to the requirements to their program and companies in order to transfer knowledge in the areas of:

  • Systems Engineering and Architecture

  • Modelling and Simulation

  • Materials and Structures

  • Component and Module Technologies

  • RF Sensor Technologies and Applications

  • Electro-Optical & Laser Sensor Technologies and Applications

  • Communication & Information Technologies and Cyber Security

  • Energy Harvesting & Management and Drive Technologies

  • Guidance, Navigation and Control Technologies & Applications (autonomous/ unmanned systems)

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How can DSMC support you in complying with the SEEDS guidelines?

​DSMC has many years of experience with the UAE offset program and is following closely the latest requirements and guidelines and is in constant contact with the authorities. 

  • DSMC can structure your internship program to comply with the SEEDS requirements.

  • DSMC is hosting on a regular basis offset workshops and offset events for its members, which you can join to stay on track with the latest developments.

  • Furthermore DSMC's CEO, Matthew Cochran, is frequently on the panel of UAE defense events and summits, where members receive special access to conferences and workshops.

  • During the Covid - 19 period, many events have been held virtually, but got full support from the partners in the UAE authorities, who were able to attend virtually despite regional lockdowns.

  • DSMC's events, its network and industry specific knowlegde have become more important than ever, since your company can show its presence in the market despite a worldwide lockdown. 


 DSMC -  We are here for you.


A DSMC hosted event -

UAE Innovation Challenge between Northrop Grumman and HCT

Following months of mentoring by Northrop Grumman engineers, the HCT student teams will compete in a flying competition, open to the public, at the Zayed Cricket Stadium in Abu Dhabi. Student teams are judged on specific criteria in the flying competition and must provide an oral presentation on the design and build of its UAV. The winning team will receive an all-expense paid trip to the United States where they will tour Northrop Grumman facilities on the West Coast as well as educational institutions with specialties in robotics and other areas


DSMC organized this specific industry event between Northrop Grumann and highly qualified Emirati HCT students and provided media and marketing services.

DSMC can support and structure your

approach on Emiratization to comply

with the current SEEDS guidelines.

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